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Apartments Paris Centro. Official Website.  Calle de San Pablo, 4, 50003, Saragossa,Spain Tel.: +34 976 456 325

where are we?

Located in the historic center and heart of Saragossa, near the Roman Castle Walls and near the Basilica del Pilar and La Seo Cathedral.

Located 15 minutes from Delicias railway station and 30 minutes from the airport of Saragossa, which is why our Hotellets you enjoy of the cultural, dining and entertainment of Saragossa.

Other near cities:

  • Monasterio de Piedra - 120 km on the motorway. 1:30 pm drive
  • Catedral de Jaca - 100 km of highway and local road. 1:30 pm drive
  • Monasterio de Rueda - 100 km of highway and local road. 1:30 pm Car (Mudejar Gothic Castle S. XIII)
  • Calatayud: city of cultural historical interest. Medieval castle town.

How to get from:

From Airport:

  • By Taxi: just 15 minutes by taxi from the airport to the Apartments Paris Center. The airport has taxis.
  • By Bus: Buses every 30 min. Journey time 45 min.

No metro in Saragossa. Tramway under construction.


Nearby attractions:

Apartments Paris Centro, Saragossa - Basilica del Pilar Apartments Paris Centro, Saragossa - Seo Apartments Paris Centro, Saragossa - Puerta del Carmen
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